Al Mawhobeen means "Talented"
'Talented', The Youth of society.

WE at Al Mawhobeen Sports, take the talent and Interest to an Elite and Professional level. If you are looking for International level sports coaching with fitness and Nutrition help by professionals, Al Mawhobeen Sports is the place for all together.

About Al Mawhobeen Sports

Al Mawhobeen sports is Qatar’s most creative Basketball, Fitness and sports events Provider Company.‘Sport’ is incomplete without proper fitness and nutrition. We have designed Sports specific programs concentrating on Fitness and Nutrition to help individuals become an Elite and professional player.

We believe in Team work.

T- Together   E- Everyone   A- Achieves   M- More


  School Sports Team Training

  After School Activities

  Elite Basketball and Fitness Programs

  Qatar National Day/ Sports Day programs

  Personal Training/ Small Group Training

  Adult Basketball and Fitness

  Functional Fitness/ Strength and Conditioning

  Corporate Sports / Fitness / Events


The Future of any country is its youth.

Healthy youth- Healthy Society.
According to research, 60% of adult population are overweight, obese or hardly do any physical exercise. If this population was involved in sports and fitness when they were young, these guys would not have been in this category. So, WE, Al Mawhobeen sports are taking an initiative to motivate Youth to take part in sports and fitness activities.

The reason of this increasing percentage of overweight and obese school kids are

  Lack of Exercise

  Poor Diet

  Over consumption of junk food

  Soft drinks

  Social Media, Smart Phones Etc

  No awareness about advantages of fitness and sports in Life.

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